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All our partners and donors will surely be familiar with our B2B digital potential & related "People 4 People" community activities.The goal is that the potential of joint digital promotion between all B2B actors pays off repeatedly, while simultaneously building an even stronger cooperative PR image.The motto of our B2B platform/program is: "Good cooperation leads to Good deeds".

👥   Synergy of „People Potential  

      Positive human efforts directed towards an individual, in a group of similar ones, gets a very strong voice and an equally strong & directed channel of communication.

👥   Greater Social Impact   

     Through joint investment/efforts, we ensure a positive social image, and with little luck, can have a very positive social influence.

👥    Positive Corporate Influence   

     The opportunity to receive, and with relatively small coorporate support, excellent PR throughout the year, , i.e. "we care" great corporate  image. Best of all, you will deserve mentioned, because your support has reached the real people in need - moments that matter.


With this application, you are not bound by any obligations, on the contrary, you are only expressing your willingness to cooperate within the B2B program at your request.

Thank you very much! You will soon receive all necessary B2B data from us.

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