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Give me School, Give me the World 🧡

The "Godfather" project has been implemented for over ten years and through it the education of more than 3,100 students has been supported, all thanks to the "Godfathers", people with big hearts who decided to help those who have much less than us in these areas.

The project connects godparents from Croatia with children from Tanzania who live in extremely poor conditions, come from large and poor families or are orphans, and it is designed in such a way that the godfather helps the child either until the end of the child's schooling or for as long as possible.

For all other & detailed information, please use our contact form.

Godparents who finance the education of pupils in primary, secondary or higher schools donate HRK 1,000 per year, which can be paid in two installments, at the beginning of each semester.

As part of the project, it is possible to educate even the youngest children. Godparents who finance a child's education in kindergarten donate HRK 750 per year, which can also be paid in two installments, at the beginning of January and July.

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